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Steve Ditko

13 -- Dr. Strange
Strange Tales #127, interior page     >>
The foundation for the Dr. Strange stamp comes from an interior page of Strange Tales #127, with artwork by Steve Ditko. This story also appears in Stan Lee's book, Bring on the Bad Guys, published in 1976. Similar artwork was also used in a Marvel T-shirt.

In terms of locating the original stamp artwork, this was one of the hardest to find, and required significant sleuthing by a number of folks, including Lex (aka "Batroc"), who actually contacted Marie Severin.

Lex reports that he corresponded with Marie, who did much of the production work on the stamps, and (quoting Lex): "she stated very firmly that the Dr. Strange stamp was Steve Ditko art." However, the artwork shown above was significantly retouched.

"When this was 'touched'," Lex wrote, "they added a new head to Dr. Strange. Who knows who drew that! The stamp also makes a mark through the old amulet Strange is wearing in this panel. A fold in the cloak seems to resemble the 'Eye of Agamotto'....The T-Shirt...makers made the touches to this interior art, which included drawing a line through the old image of his amulet. (Look very closely.)....The stamp was [also] touched to include Dr. Strange's uniquely shaped Cloak of Levitation." These changes show a great attention to detail, since Dr. Strange did not receive the Eye of Agamotto or the Cloak of Levitation until the end of the issue containing this artwork.

Thanks, Lex, for getting the inside scoop on this one!

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