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Marvel Value Stamps - Color Variant Stamps

Why are some Marvel Value Stamps different colors?
Certain Marvel Value Stamps -- for example, the Red Skull stamp -- were published with more than one color scheme. We're not sure why this was done, but since the MVS promotion was long before the days of variant issues and chromium covers, we speculate that it was purely a production issue.

#32 -- Red Skull (blue) #32 -- Red Skull (yellow)

We believe that the folks who chose the art essentially dug around the Bullpen trying to find drawings suitable for the stamps. This likely means that all the original art was in black and white, and each stamp needed to be colored. Perhaps this accounts for why so many stamps, even if they only ever appeared with one color scheme, varied so greatly (in color) from the artwork as originally published. (See examples of this throughout our Covers section.)

But why variant colors of the same exact stamp? We suspect that it was because each stamp was individually colored for the title it was appearing in, during production. It appears that other elements of the stamp, such as the "Series A" logo and the name of the character, were also "pasted up" during production, since variation occurs with those items as well. (See the Son of Satan stamps below.) However, we're left only with speculation unless someone involved in the production of these stamps someday enlightens us.

68 -- Son of Satan 68 -- Son of Satan (blank) 68 -- Son of Satan (name)

For what it's worth, below we've provided links to stamps we've found which display color variants. We've also provided a separate link for stamps that show the same color scheme, but vary in other ways -- such as whether or not the words "Series A" or the character's name appear on the stamp. At the end of that page, you can also find some info on how to tell the Shanna stamp that came from Incredible Hulk #181 from the others. Note: this is NOT a comprehensive listing of the variations, and we're not attempting to make it so. (Sorry, True Believers!) See our Stamps page for information as to which stamps appear in which issues.

Color Variants

"Other" Variants
(Series A Logo & Character Names)

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